How to share files via Dropbox

Files are submitted to me through Dropbox. You will visit the Dropbox website here.  It is free to create an account, but you only get, I think, 25 MB of storage space.  If you know you will be sharing several files, you can upgrade to 1 TB of space for $99/year or about $10/month.


Create a New Folder for sharing:

1.  Once you have created your free account, you can create a New Folder named "Files to Stacy" and then selecting Sharing and input my e-mail address:  stacy@slmproofreading.com

2.  All files that you upload to that folder can be shared with me so that I can retrieve them.

3.  Or you can upload your file(s) individually and Share each one with me using my e-mail address.


How to submit a PDF file

Files are submitted to me in PDF format. Please do not send ASCII or .txt files. I recommend CutePDF, a free program that allows you to create PDF files from any printable document. You don't have to download any programs with CutePDF!



1.  Go to CutePDF and click on CutePDF Editor - FREE.

2.  Click the blue button, Start to Edit PDF Now - FREE!

3.  Click on Open File.

4.  Find the document (transcript) on your computer and click Open.

5.  You will see the document in the screen as a PDF. Click Save (at the bottom) to save it to your computer.

6.  Finally, you will open your e-mail and attach that PDF to send to me.

How to view my corrections

To view the corrections I send back to you, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program for viewing PDFs. Using preview or default viewers will not allow you to see all the corrections.


1.  Go to Adobe to download the program. Read through the optional offers column and uncheck if you don't want these programs. Click Install Now.

2. When prompted, select Save file. Then click file to download to your computer.